About Us

St. Theresa’s Home is a catholic nursing home built on a foundation of Christian values of love and care for others; especially for those less fortunate in our society.

Our home is under the umbrella organisation of Catholic Welfare Services and our Vision is to make St. Theresa’s Home a cheery and familial home for the elderly and aged sick; a place where they can live out their golden years or recuperate sufficiently from their illnesses to be able to return home.

We aim to  provide quality holistic care for the elderly and aged sick through the continuum of nursing and spiritual care tailored to the needs of each resident.



St. Theresa’s Home was established in 1935 by the Little Sisters of the Poor.

On 1st July 2003, Catholic Welfare Services, Singapore took over management of St. Theresa’s Home.

Our staff continues to emulate the Little Sisters’ spirit by giving their best in the care and support of all the residents at the home.


Welcome Message

With traditions of care left down by the Little Sisters of the Poor since 1935, St Theresa’s Home has continued to follow the footsteps of the founding Sisters – “Making the poor happy, giving happiness to the poor”. Our Home strive to provide happiness and joy to our elderly residents during their stay.



The criteria for admission to Saint Theresa's Home is through the government agency Agency for Integrated Care (AIC)